Adorable PUG Pays Homage to the TV Series Batman!

Adorable Pug pays homage to theme to Batman | YouTube

Remember the original 1966 television series Batman starring Adam West as Batman and Burt Ward as Robin who has now become a true icon of classic TV? The super saturated colors, outlandish plots and fabulous costumes were the hallmark of the series, but see how one DOG pays homage to the crime fighting duo with his own rendition of the intro to the famed television series.

Pug sings the famous opening to Batman | YouTube
This funny YouTube video features an adorable Pug who appears to be singing the theme tune of the 1966 television series Batman.

We are immediately drawn into his world as we see the opening theme title to Batman with a picture-in-picture featuring this adorable Pug singing along.


With over 6.4 million page views to date on YouTube, be prepared to laugh and be amazed at the Pet World's next internet sensation. 

VIDEO: Pug performs theme to the 1966 TV series Batman


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