ADORABLE BULLDOG Bronco Rides Child's Rocking Horse!

Gabe does a Bulldog salute! | GabeRocks

Yeehaw! Ride 'em Cowbull!

Rodeos can be one of the most deadliest places for a cowboy, often involving the rider being at risk of being thrown off a horse at very high speeds. Serious injuries can also incur if the horse decides to step over the rider, but one DOG has attempted one of the most death-defying feats EVER to be featured in the Pet World: horse breaking...on a rocking horse!

A star is born - young Gabe as a pup, Dec. 2006 | GabeRocks

You may have seen Gabe, the celebrity Bulldog compete in America's Got Talent displaying his multitude of talents, but In this attempt to test his strength, agility and bucking skills Gabe will attempt to get on a child's rocking horse, ride bronco style and swing with extreme balance. What you will see will astound you! First, Gabe flips up the child's rocking horse then gets up on his seat. As we see him all furnished in his cowboy gear and hat, he will attempt this very difficult task that VERY few dogs have been able to master.
Gabe drives Ms. Chubby around in a wagon cart | GabeRocks
Can't get enough of Gabe? See the most adorable Bulldog video to follow! Gabe tows a female Bulldog in this rendition of Driving Miss Chubby!

SOURCE: GabeRocks

VIDEO: Watch Gabe the Bulldog bronco ride this rocking horse!

VIDEO: Watch Gabe tow Ms. Bulldog in this adorable rendition of Driving Miss Chubby!


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