See this Adorable BULLDOG Imitate an Elephant!

Fred the Bulldog imitates an Elephant on TV | YouTube

Have you ever had an identity crises? Being confused about who you are one day can be perplexing, but for one DOG he decided to take on the traits of a Pachyderm! 

Fred the Bulldog takes on the stance of an elephant | YouTube
See Fred, the adorable Bulldog spend time in front of the television as we become drawn into his world. Watch him take on the traits of an elephant as he gets into position, cranes his neck and attempts to trumpet out the sounds of a Pachyderm!!! What can possibly be so astounding on TV that can drive a Bulldog to become possibly the World's First Canine Elephant???

VIDEO: Watch Fred, the adorable Bulldog imitate an elephant he sees on TV!


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