Teacup Chihuahua Deemed “DANGER TO SOCIETY”

 Molly the 3lb Teacup Chihauhau was deemed DANGER TO SOCIETY (TYLER BROWNBRIDGE / The Windsor Star)

Could an adorable, purse-sized dog like this be considered a danger to society? The city ordinance of Windsor in Ontario, Canada seems to thinks so. The case of Molly, a three-pound Teacup Chihuahua resident, recently raised some brows in the Pet World when city officials recently slapped Jason and Mitzie Scott (Molly's owners) with a designation order to have her muzzled, display a dangerous dog warning sign on their property, along with obtaining a million-dollar liability insurance policy on the Chihuahua.

Molly displays city ordinance sign: “Dangerous Dog”
Windsor Star News
It all started when the postal carrier came to deliver the mail and was reportedly bitten on the ankle at the Riverside home on Aug 23. According to the Windsor Star News, Molly's owner Scott said “he offered a bandage to the letter carrier, but he told the commissioners he couldn’t spot any blood and the worker continued on her rounds.”

According to CBC News, “The woman (postal carrier) didn't want to make a big fuss about it, but her manager decided to file a police report on the dog attack based on Canada Post policies.” Based on her testimony to Windsor Police that she was bitten by the dog, the commissioners had unanimously voted to “uphold the danger designation as recommended by city administration."

“It’s a joke,” said Jason Scott after he learning of his failed appeal to have his dog deemed as a danger to the community.

“I don’t even know if they have muzzles that size — I just think it’s kinda silly, to the extreme. 

“Everybody pets my dog because she’s so small and cute … she plays with kids all the time. “The dog is literally three pounds — it’s the size of an adult shoe.”

The city ordinance's orders were to have signs “conspicuously” posted at the doors of their home to read “WARNING: Dangerous Dog on Premises.” Molly also has to be microchipped to identify her as a dangerous dog.

According to the postal worker who wished to remain anonymous, was quoted as saying “I’m surprised … I felt if they appealed, things would be taken care of.” 

Mitzie Scott in her Riverside home in Windsor | Windsor Star News

Melanie Coulter of the humane society, said “It would be nice if there was at least some room for discretion.”  According to Melanie, with the new addition of Molly, there are now 24 names on Windsor's dangerous dog registry.

SOURCE - CONTENT & PHOTOS: Windsor Star News | CBC News


  1. Anonymous said...:

    Good, the law is being applied evenly, as it should be. The dog bit a person, that's all that matters.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    The dog bit someone repeatedly, it should be declared a public danger. Size isn't what matters here; it's more the incompetence of the owners.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Some Chihuahuas can be feisty little things. Same rule should apply even though they are small.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Dear post above me: you're all idiots. Dog didn't (and probably can't) break the skin. It makes having such a list completely pointless. It's like adding anyone who's ever had sex to the sex offender registry.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Whether the dog is large enough to deliver a big bite is not the issue here. The issue is that a dog that bites, of any size, is a dog that has aggressive tendencies. Aggressive dogs are not normal, nor condoned in this society.

    Often times people use the excuse of 'but he's too small to do any real damage' when in reality dogs of all sizes need to be trained and taught that biting is never an acceptable behavior.

    Although I will admit that muzzling him and putting up signs won't accomplish as much as sending her and her dog to training classes.

  1. csimpson said...:

    People need to stop making excuses for their dog's inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour just because it's small or cute. If the behaviour wouldn't be acceptable in a Great Dane, it's not acceptable in a 3lb dog. I've had to muzzle more small dogs than large dogs at work, and will say with certainty that more small dogs have behavioural issues than large ones. I'm so pleased to see the Dog Owner's Liability Act being applied fairly and without bias for once.

  1. Julie Ann said...:

    The worst bite I ever got from a dog was by a Beagle, one of America's best loved family dogs. Many a Chihuahua, MinPin, and Yorkie that I have run across should have been deemed dangerous dogs. And yes, thankfully, they do make muzzles that size!

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Good, little dogs can do a lot of damage especially if it was a young child. People need to learn how to control their dogs. If it was a bigger dog and acted like that everyone would have a fit, but because it is some little 3 lb dog it suddenly makes it ok. Those teeth hurt as well.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    Just because the dog is small doesn't mean it should be babied, it BIT SOMEONE, if it had been a pitbull, people would be screaming for it to be put to sleep, even if it didn't 'break skin'. It's a chihuahua, yes, it's tiny, but it's a DOG and it is clearly unpredictable, thus DANGEROUS. Muzzle this one and next time you get one, don't treat it like a baby, it is an ADULT CARNIVORE.

    No sympathy and I don't find it funny at all.

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