BEHOLD: the Birth of the World's First DOG Stair Lift!

An overweight bull dog takes a ride on the The Stair Of The Dog 2022 prototype

Stair lifts have long been associated with modes of mobility for those with problems walking up the stairs, but that is soon about to change for a whole new community: DOGS.

Canine Mobility 
Developed for overweight dogs who have mobility problems going up the stairs, the Stair Of The Dog 2022 is a modified design based on the version for humans, The stair lift has a “paw-push” start button positioned low and close to ground level to allow pooches to outstretch its legs and activate a platform which will raise the dog up onto a plastic basket before lifting him up the stairs.The K-9 contraption was prototyped shortly after a shocking report made on pet obesity.

The Stair Of The Dog 2022 replaces the seat with a basket for dogs
The Shocking Report
A report made by (UK based) More Th>N Pet Insurance released a shocking report revealing that one in three of the 8.3 million dogs in the UK is overweight. The study further suggests that by 2022 over 50% of all UK dogs will become severely obese, a premise of how the device came to be named. Shortly after the release of this report, the prototype was built.

John Ellenger, head of More Th>N Pet Insurance said “At the moment we take it for granted that our dogs can retrieve balls and climb a set of stairs without putting their health at risk but this might not always be the case.

“We’re undoubtedly a nation of dog lovers, but time and again we see people sharing their love in an unhealthy way, mostly through feeding their dogs inappropriate and fat-laden foods,” reported the Sun.

A sight not to be desired: to see your overweight pooch being lifted on the stair lift

British TV vet Joe Inglis said “The stair lift for dogs is an innovative product but ultimately it’s a sad state of affairs that we’re even talking about it. “Fat dogs might look cute and cuddly but obesity is a serious issue with very serious consequences – besides restricted movement, heart disease and arthritis, it can result in liver damage and diabetes too”.

Currently a prototype, this doggie stair lift is expected to set you back $8,000 (£5,000) if and when made available, perhaps a small price to pay for owners of morbidly obese dogs. You can read more on how Pet Obesity has become an epidemic on an earlier post by clicking here.

See how this British Bull dog could not wait for the Stair Of The Dog 2022 to be built and takes a ride on a human stair lift instead:

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