This is Why You Need to Put Your Toilet Seat Down!

Maggie the adorable Pug falls into the toilet | YouTube

Cleaning your toilet has never been a glamorous job. Getting out the brush and opening up that toilet bowl cleaner is (hopefully for many of us) a weekly ritual we should take seriously. Direct from the Pet World, one dog has managed to squeeze herself into a very tight situation: the toilet!

This snapshot of this adorable Pug who fell into the toilet should be more than a compelling reason why you should keep your toilet seat down! Watch Maggie the Pug become dazed as her owner breaks out in a hysterical laugh that will leave you falling off of your seat!

VIDEO: Maggie the Pug falls in the toilet!

Can't get enough of Pugs? See this Viral video that shows the amazing head-tilting motion of these 3 Pugs!


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