Lucy the Golden Retriever: photo: Haus Of Paws

The Haus Of Paws blog is the premiere site for those looking to escape into the unusual world of dogs. Our stories are ALWAYS enlightening, on a positive beat and will ENTERTAIN, INFORM, and mystify. Stories from The Worlds Largest Chihuahua Parade in Kansas City to how China has transformed their dogs into walking street exotics to the recent story on Oscar the K-9 who travels the world to help the plight of homeless dogs are just a few stories featured on the blog.

About the blogger(s): Haus Of Paws blog writers are Aaron and Calvin two very enthusiastic advocates of animal adoption. They are the creators of Haus Of Paws blog and started the blog back in April 2012 with just one post: their aunt’s dog Lucy, an adorable older Golden Retriever. Since then, Lucy has been through surgery and have made a full recovery as the blog has evolved. Published three times weekly, readers can be transported into the Pet World through their discovery of unconventional dog themes and their uncanny point of view.
Lucy, our Golden Retriever is the driving force behind the blog!
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Aaron & Calvin, 

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