MESMERIZING: Synchronized DOGS Form a K-9 Pinwheel!

Six Scottish Terriers share a bowl while creating a K-9 pinwheel | Youtube

Scottish Terriers has long been a favorite of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show and breeders alike. Their small, distinctive shape has been featured in both former presidential first pets and as a game piece in the iconic board game Monopoly. But now, get ready to see a new feat that these Scotties have achieved that rivals synchronized swimming!
Round and round they go, these six Scotties are about to form the most adorable dog pinwheel you will ever see. Don't take your eyes off the video, as you will go deep into a trance!

The Scottish Terrier standing with an iconic figurine of himself | Inspire Kelly - Flickr

VIDEO: See these six Scottish Terriers share the same bowl to form a K-9 pinwheel!


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