Animal Telepath Lady D Reveals Secrets of Animal Talk

Lady D | Photo © copyright Haus Of Paws

Is Your DOG Telepathic?
Animal Communicator Denise Carroll says, “Yes!” 

Ever wonder what it would be like to have full conversations with your dog? Do you wonder why he barks all the time? Or why is he not eating? 

While most of us think that the inner thoughts of our faithful canine companions are a mystery, Denise Carroll and the Gurney Institute of Animal Communication explain that talking to our four-legged friends is easier than we think. As an animal communicator (not to be confused with a pet psychic), Denise teaches people all over the world how to communicate with their pets. 

“To people who are skeptics, try to keep an open mind.” Denise – better known to canines around the world as Lady D. – tells Haus of Paws in an exclusive interview.

My belief is that we can all communicate with animals,” Denise says, “and probably have without even realizing it.” 

Lady D believes that we can all communicate with animals | © Haus of Paws
According to Lady D., dogs and other animals are telepathic communicators. If you really want to know what your dog is trying to tell you, all you have to do is listen – with your minds, that is! 

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Oh! I need to feed the dog,” or  “I need to take the dog out for a walk”? Well there’s a good chance that you didn’t remember that on your own; your dog probably sent you that message!

Lady D recalls her 1st telepathic encounter | © Haus Of Paws
Sometimes animal communication comes in clearly articulated sentences, but other times dogs and other pets let us know what they want by sending us mental images.

“It’s like a conversation that we’re having with each other right now,” says Lady D. “You’re talking to me, I listen to you, and I respond.” This is the same way our furry family members communicate with us. It’s a two-way conversation.

“If you have a calm energy, then this is something that opens up the communication up for them.” And once they know you’re listening, watch out! You’ll be surprised at just what they have to say, and how well spoken your dog can be.

The first time someone realizes their pet is talking to them is always shocking. Lady D. clearly recalls her first telepathic encounter with an animal. Although most of her pet conversations are with dogs, it was a feline that first pawed his way into her mind.

The knowing eyes of a cat | © Adhi Rachdian - flickr

Denise sat in a living room with a cat named Oliver she’d never met while waiting for her sister. Suddenly a foreign thought began to surface in her mind,“My owner won’t let me go outside but she lets the dog go outside.” 

The curiously clear thought was followed by another equally foreign brainwave;“The mice are gone. I miss the mice. I used to play with them and now I’m bored.” In that moment Lady D. looked at Oliver and realized that these thoughts were not her own, they were his! 

After the shocking realization, Lady D thought to herself, “If the cat can communicate with me telepathically, I can communicate with the cat telepathically as well.”So she asked Oliver, “You said to me earlier that your owner won’t let you go outside but she lets the dog go outside. Why is that?” 

Oliver immediately responded, “Well, my owner won’t let me go outside because she thinks I would run away... I like to explore.”

That moment changed both their lives forever. Lady D. reluctantly shared Oliver’s thoughts with his owner Lauren, including his request for Lauren to leave lights on at night. Oliver said he couldn’t see in the dark. 

Lady D. was sure Lauren would think she was crazy. She thought it was crazy herself! But Lauren was already familiar with the study of animal communication; she just hadn’t unlocked the gift herself. Now Lauren leaves night lights on for Oliver. 

Denise’s experience with Oliver was followed by many more furry telepathic conversations, which eventually led her to enroll at the Gurney Institute of Animal Communication; a well-known and respected resource, dedicated to helping individuals develop their skills and understanding of how Animal Communication can be used to help the animals in their lives. 

Animal communicator Denise Carroll enables dogs
and other animals to express their needs | © Haus Of Paws
“As an animal communicator, you’re actually helping both the animal and their owner at the same time,” says Denise. And that’s important to the dogs and dog owners that reach out to her when they can’t get through to each other.

Animal communication is not to be confused with behavior issues, and Denise insists that she doesn’t give medical advice – she leaves that to the veterinarians. As an animal communicator, her goal is to enable dogs and other animals to express their needs and their problems so that they can get the help they need. Denise Carroll is based in Los Angeles.


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