The Bizarre Side of the Westminster DOG Show!

Two dogs rub noses before a competition at the 2013 Westminster Dog Show | WSJ

Think you've seen it all with the latest news surrounding the 137th Annual Annual All Breed Dog Show? Well, think again! Wait until you see these rare, behind-the-scene photos that takes you into the bizarre world of the 2013 Westminster Dog Show that took place last week in New York.

left: guest Marcia Thorpe pets a bulldog  right: A dog waits with his owner | WSJ
With thousands of canine contestants from around the globe and its long-standing tradition, it's no wonder that the Westminster Dog Show has become an annual traditional that is celebrated since 1877.

According to the Westminster Kennel Club, the latest show with 2,721 dogs makes it the largest entry in 15 years. The following photos from the Wall Street Journal captures a side of the show you won't see broadcasted. It's an inside look into world of the dogs and their owners, painted by photographs that resemble photographer Diane Arbus' artful style of depicting subject matter that is bound to astound, shock and make you give a second take. Beautifully brought to life in black and white renditions, these photojournalistic photos depict the essence of the show that gives us a perspective that is both disturbing and truthful. It is a very raw look into the less glamorous side of the show - the preparation, the waiting and the anticipation.

A Poodle awaits grooming in the benching area of the Westminster Dog Show | WSJ
Awaiting in a tight elevator, a dog licks a show guest at the 137th Annual All Breed Dog Show | WSJ
A woman attempts to pet a poodle at the 2013 Westminster Dog Show | WSJ
A Boston Terrier awaits in his cage after a full day of competition | WSJ
The owners escort their Beagle through the benching area | WSJ
Owner Marni Sharoff texts and waits with her dog in the benching area | WSJ
Prior to stepping out into the main arena at Madison Square Garden, this owner looks out at the crowd | WSJ
After a day of competing, a Bulldog awaits his handler while withstanding the winds outside Pier 94 | WSJ
This Xoloitzcuintli named Armani is getting attention from guests and attendees while being groomed | WSJ
Holding the graces of grooming, just before a show | WSJ

SOURCE: Westminster Kennel Club 
[PHOTOS: Philip Montgomery via Wall Street Journal]


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