Behold: The World's 1st Love Doll for DOGS!

The Hot Doll - Too racy for your dog? |

Aggression, domination and restlessness are basic instincts that can lead your pooch to climb furniture, household objects and even humans! Above all, there is no denying the strong urge of consummation in the Pet World, but can this urge be met by the world's first love doll for DOGS?

The makers of the “Hot Doll" claims that this toy will change and improve your dog's behavior by giving him what he needs. Priced at $159.00 € equivalent to $208 USD, the Hot Doll comes in two colors: white and black with a port in the back for Fido to do what comes naturally. Primarily sold in Europe, it has been seen priced upwards in the US of upwards of $350 on a well-known auction site.

The French design firm, Feel Addicted came up with the concept. A spokesman for the design firm was quoted as saying “Dogs have sexual needs or domination problems, which push them to climb on various object such as cushions, teddy bears, and worst case on legs of you neighbours, guest, postman or your own,” reports the Telegraph.

A depiction of the Hot Doll used to change your dog's behavior

In the following commercial advert, we see the curvaceous Hot Doll toy being unveiled in high style to the tune of Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite, Op 71a. Is your dog ready for this? 

VIDEO: The World's 1st Love Doll for DOGS!

SOURCE: | The Telegraph


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