Witness 2 DOGS Engaged in an Intense Argument!

Laika and Mishka looks out into the open sea | facebook

Have you ever been so engulfed into an argument where you just couldn't stop talking in an effort to get your point across? Well, get ready to see these 2 DOGS get entangled into an argument that is about to shake up the Pet World!

Mishka and Laika - 2 dogs arguing | youtube
Nine-year-old Siberian Husky Mishka and Laika are about to about to embark on a very intense argument. You've never seen an argument like this when they touch on the issues of dominance, relationships and playtime. 

Artwork of Laika, Mishka and Moki | deviantart

VIDEO: Watch the engagingly intense argument by Mishka and Laika!

SOURCE: facebook | deviantart


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