Top Luxury Resort for Dogs: Good Enough for Humans!

Lamborghini's are one of the luxury vehicles dogs travel in as guests of the D Pet Hotels

With the economy still in its doldrums, there is still a growing class of citizens that are still living the good life. They have chauffeurs, dine on the finest meals, stay in the best accommodations and play in luxury resorts. Who are they? They're dogs!

Co-owners Kerry Brown and Christian Skowlund in the D Pet Hotel
lobby with dog Atlas *Yahoo News
D Pet Hotel's recent success in Hollywood, CA has sparked two additional locations: one in Scottsdale, AZ this past August and now in Chelsea, NY. What makes this NY destination for dogs so unique? A haven for dogs, they offer a dog gym with doggie treadmill, three doggie parks, a doggie spa complete with "pawdicures" and oil treatments for dry coats, chauffeur services in luxury vehicles featuring Lamborghini and Porsche, and a retail dog boutique. While they also offer house kibble, there is also chef-made meals including brown rice with vegetables, lamb or chicken for $9 per meal. For an extra $60 per hour, your pooch can be walked around the neighborhood. In addition to overnight stays, they also offer doggie daycare.
We thought the concept was perfect for New York. It’s tough to find a home away from home for dogs,” ~ Kerry Brown, co-owner of D Pet Hotels, Chelsea
Co-owner Christian Skowlund with Hotel guest Tito
We thought the concept was perfect for New York. It’s tough to find a home away from home for dogs,”  says co-owner Kerry Brown who told the Washington Post.The 10,000 square feet facility features 40 standard suites at $79 per night with designer Kuranda dog beds, eight "sensational suites" each going for $110 per night which features a flat-screen tv with dvd players with in-house stock movies such as "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" and "Fox and the Hound." At $200 a night, your pooch can enjoy the "ubersuites" which has a queen-size bed, 19-foot ceiling and 42-inch flat screens with cable. There is even a "air filtration system that changes the air every six to 10 minutes." With such lavish amenities this luxury resort is truly good enough for humans, just look at the delicious-looking cookies below!

Doggie treats from the D Pet Hotel, Chelsea

D Pet Hotels in Chelsea is owned by co-owners Kerry Brown and Christian Skowlund.and is located at: 104 W. 27th St., Chelsea, NY

D Pet Hotels Hollywood - Press Reel

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  1. Anonymous said...:

    What a waste. Some people have more money than sense.

  1. Anonymous said...:

    If you got the dough why not? I'll do anything for my pet...if I have the dough that is..

  1. Pant and Wag said...:

    Excellent and luxury pet hotel, looks great...

    Pant & Wag

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