Where No DOG Has Gone Before...On a Shopping Cart!

Maymo takes to the streets with his puppy sister on an epic shopping cart ride | YouTube

Does your dog need an adventure? When was the last time you took him on a trip? While summer is finally here, people are enjoying the great outdoors and the extended daylight hours, but two DOGS from the Pet World has set out on a crusade to have fun! Where no DOG has gone before!

Maymo takes little sister Penny on an adventurous shopping cart ride | YouTube
In this funny dog video featuring Maymo the lemon Beagle, he takes his puppy sister Penny on a quest to for a wild adventure into the great wide open.

As we follow their journey, they go through the streets, the park, the railroad tracks, on a motor boat. They finally reach their destination: the playground where they romp and play on the swings and slides that leads to a climatic ending that will leave you on the edge of your seat...laughing!

VIDEO: Dog takes puppy on an adventurous ride on a shopping cart!


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