Samurai Warrior Armor for Dogs!

 Body armor for a Samurai's dog dating back in the 19th century. Photo from

Halloween costume for your dog or a Samurai warrior's suit of armor to defend  your K-9?

With the recent popularity of the film The Hunger Games, the advent of the modern-day warrior can be traced back to medieval times. This unique doggie armor was on sale a few years back on the Japanese Antique site, Dated back to the 19th century around the 1800-1850, the Edo Period or Tokugawa period, (according to Wikipedia), was characterized by the shoguns of the Tokugawa family from 1603-1868. This period was characterized by economic, artistic and intellectual development. This featured dog armor was believed to be owned by a Senior Samurai at the time who held his dog in the highest regards.

Protection for dogs in the Edo Period. photo from
Made with rawhide plates and chainmail, it was believed to have been used for ceremonial purposes rather than actual battle. But who would want to hurt such an adorable fur ball anyway? Who knows, the dog might be the Samurai's biggest weapon of distraction due to the dog's irresistible cuteness. 

No doubt, this piece would indeed make a very original costume statement in the Pet World as we celebrate Halloween next month!


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