Diva Dog Does Adele!

Doggie howls to Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" 

Remember the last time you went on a date and said good-bye to your dog? As you got into the car and started fussing with your hair, you and your date started making your way to that fine Italian restaurant across town where you get seated to a candle light dinner. You find that both of you into deep conversation while nibbling on your appetizers. Meanwhile, at home your dog starts missing you, wondering each second when you'd return. Then, starts singing the blues, even getting emotional and starts throwing a tantrum? Look no further, the good people at the Pet Collective have brought this scenario to life. 
Doggie gives sad look as the owners leaves on a date in the video "Digging in the Deep"

Vibrating bowls of water shake as doggie howls to the blues in the video "Digging in the Deep"
Watch In the following music video parody of Adele's Rolling in the Deep, as we experience the loneliness and longing of what a pooch goes through when their owner leaves on an unexpected date. The video faithfully reproduces the set of Adele's original song down to the ‘T‘ from the beautifully lit backdrop to the all-too-familiar hallway scenes that remind us of the timeless classic.
Even the cat gets involved in this scene mirroring the role of the ninja from Adele's original video
Watch Pawdele in Digging in the Deep:
Watch behind the scenes of Pawdele - Digging in the Deep

Source: Pet Collective


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