Supermodel CHIHUAHUAS Strike a Pose in High Fashion Couture!

High fashion meets the Pet World | photo: Sophie Gamand

The world of high fashion is a fierce industry where style is defined by those who wield the power of influence. From Prêt-à-Porter (ready to wear) garments to Haute Couture (custom fitted) to the runways of Paris, Milan and New York you can't help notice the supermodels who are outfitted in the latest styles. But now, a new breed of models has emerged as a vying source of inspiration. Direct from the Pet World, get ready to witness high fashion as you've never seen it before as we present supermodel Chihuahuas in high fashion Couture!

A modern bride look? | photo: Sophie Gamand
Fit for a queen | photo: Sophie Gamand
 Lady Godiva would be proud | photo: Sophie Gamand
A true princess | photo: Sophie Gamand
 A dashing new look for any pooch | photo: Sophie Gamand
 Fit for a Princess | photo: Sophie Gamand
Fit and proper attire | photo: Sophie Gamand
For the diva in your dog | photo: Sophie Gamand

Beautifully photographed and styled by French photographer Sophie Gamand, known for her Wet Dog series, has created a new series  titled “Dog Vogue” featuring larger than life high fashion photographs of Chihuahuas sporting the latest coutures that were designed by renowned Master Pet Couturier Anthony Rubio.

Renowned pet fashion designer Anthony Rubio with Bogie and Kimba | photo: Sophie Gamand

The images are striking. With Chihuahuas modeling Rubio's styled pieces, we see the intricate designs of each piece with special detailing to the head pieces, many of which are crafted with floral shapes and use of ribbons. 

You can see the rest of Sophie Gamand's series Dog Vogue.” Prints from the series are also for sale with proceeds that go toward helping homeless animals.


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