Calendar Pin-Up DOGS that Look Smashingly Cute in Hats!

August pin-up Chihuahua pup sports a straw hat and sunglasses |

While many of us are dressed up in winter wear this month, don't let the chill factor put you under the weather. Why not warm up to a calendar that features a whole year of joy featuring the cutest dogs wearing hats! The incredibly adorable dogs featured are wearing a different hat each month that will do more than put a smile on your face!

Hounds in Hats Calendar | Maverick Arts Publishing

With 12 canines to warm up your year, there's a hat and hound for every occasion! From a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever sporting a Saint Patrick's Day hat, a Beagle wearing a motorcycle helmet with goggles to a Golden Retriever wearing a captains' hat with smoking pipe. 

The calendar titled “Hounds in Hats” was created by Ardea photo library in collaboration with the Maverick Arts Publishing in West Sussex, United Kingdom.

A Labrador pup rings in the new year for January |
February features a Bulldog wearing an English bowler hat |
A Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever revels in the spirit of St. Patricks day for March | 
A Beagle sports a helmet and goggles for April |

May rolls out with this pooch with sunglasses and a hat |
A Jack Russell Terrier graces us with his pink hat for June |
A Royal Corgi wears the crown for July |
September hound and cover model |

A sweet Golden Retriever sports a captain's hat for  October |
A yawning Lhasa Apso Cross sports a blue cap for November |

A Golden Retriever rings in the holidays with a Santa hat for December |

The images from the calendar were created with “set-ups” by trained animal handlers while others were created digitally via computer. According to the Daily Mail, Maverick Steve Bicknell, managing director of Maverick Arts said: “My soft spot is the cover image, the dog in the cloth cap. “I love the look on his face and the warmth of his expression and the inquisitiveness. The hat really gives you the character of the dog.”


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