DOG Reenacts Romantic Scene from Iconic Films with Man!

Left: The Graduate reenactment | Chirs Naka/AP, right: Ghost the movie reenactment | Chris Naka/Paramount Pictures

Some of the most iconic films of Hollywood have made their mark in history with scenes that we will never forget. Whether it is Dustin Hoffman from the “Graduate” or Kate Winslet in “Titanic” we will always be reminded by that one image that will remain in our minds, but what happens when that scene is recreated by a man and a dog? See how one man took some of the most unforgettable films of our time and recreated them with a very special dog!

On top of the world! Chris Naka with his boss' dog Wrigley | Chris Naka/Parmount Pictures
Chris Naka reenacts ”Dirty Dancing” with dog Wrigley | Chris Naka/Vestron Pictures
Wrigley plays to the 80's hit classic “16 Candles“ | Chris Naka/MCA/Everett
“Brpkeback Mountain“ reenacted with Chris and canine Wrigley | Chris Naka/Focus Films

If you're a film fanatic you'll sure to enjoy how Chris Naka created this surprisingly funny photographic series featuring his boss' 13 year-old dog named Wrigley. In his re-creation scenes you'll recognize them from movies including “Top Gun,” “The Notebook,” “Brokeback Mountain,” and “Dirty Dancing.” Chris, 30, got inspired by his co-workers at the Blue Man Group in Chicago, according to

Naka told Today that during the last five minutes of their lunch they started taking pictures at the theater company. “Someone printed a bunch of our early pictures, posted them in the green room, and folks from all over the theater started sending emails with movie suggestions,” said Naka. “There really isn’t a great reason for choosing romance movies. “Once we started with ‘Titanic’ it just made sense to continue the trend. Really though, the romance photos were so hilarious and kind of bizarre. We just planned to keep going until we ran out of ideas.”

The lighting really made this scene |  Chris Naka/Paramount Pictures
The wonders of rain as depicted in “The Notebook” | Chris Naka/New Line Cinema
”The Hunger Games” reenacted | Chris Naka/AP
Blockbuster movies such as ”Spider Man” were irresistible films to reenact | Chris Naka/Sony Pictures
The 80's hit film “Say Anything“ gets reenacted | Chris Naka/20th Century Fox


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