Germany's 1st Restaurant for DOGS Serves Dishes Fit for Humans!

Dogs chow down on dishes fit for humans at Pets Deli in Berlin, Germany | Pets Deli via Facebook

Dining out these days can be be a harrowing task. You never know how the food is at a new restaurant or how the service can be. But what happens when this experience is catered to dogs and the items on the menu are even too exotic for humans? If your canine seeks a dining adventure, you might consider this restaurant on our list!

Is this a new canine experience in dining for Berlin? | Christian Lohse via News from Berlin

Store manager Katharina Warkalla is a animal nutrition expert at Pets Deli

If beef and turkey sounds appetizing to you, try kangaroo meat with broccoli or berries. It's part of the menu at Pet's Deli, Germany's first restaurant for dogs and cats.

With a menu created by a pet nutritionist, each meal is customized for each animal's digestion. “Junk food is bad for animals,” he told The Local news website, adding: “It's as if I ate fast food every day. I may like it, but it's very bad for your health.”

Ingredients include Kangaroo, Chicken, Turkey, Brocoli and Carrots | Charles Yunck via News from Berlin

After finding that his own dog could not digest pet food from supermarkets, business owner David Spanier, 31, came up with the idea for the canine deli. Pets Deli offers its specially prepared treats and meals in the upscale neighborhood of Grunewald. The prices range from approximately $4USD to $8USD (€3 to €6).

Owner David Spanier feels very confident of the quality of food here and says “The meat is of such quality that it could be safely consumed by humans,” according to The Local.

VIDEO: Berlin's 1st Restaurant for Dogs 

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