VIDEO: DOG Inspires Owner to Do Squats!

This Border Collie prepares to workout with his owner | YouTube

Exercising your dog is a daily regimen every dog owner goes through in order to keep your pooch healthy and fit. When we take our dogs on long walks we're also giving ourselves our daily dosage of exercise, but for some of us a walk is not enough. In the following video, witness this Border Collie perform squats with this owner.

Can one dog really inspire his owner to workout? Watch as we see a Border Collie, a breed that is extremely athletic, energetic and intelligent of all dogs, perform squats on two hind legs. As we hear the Beatles in the background a female voice speaks in Japanese instructing the owner. Do we hear also hear a toaster that just went off in the background?

VIDEO: See this Border Collie perform squats along with his owner.


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