Highland Terriers Spotted in Dynamic WaterSports!

 A West Highland Terrier Wakeboards in high waters! | Maverick

Skiing is a pastime associated mostly with the days of summer. With that time of year just around the corner, some of us are anxiously anticipating the past times of boating, sailing and even skiing. But wait, there is one group of individuals that are taking Watersports to new heights – DOGS! Just wait 'til you see how these West Highland White Terriers are tearing up the sea via Wakeboarding!

This Highland Terrier tests his windsurfing skills | Maverick
Has the weather gotten you down lately? British Publishers Maverick Arts have provided some relief for those of us experiencing less than ideal weather. 

In the latest iPhone app Weather Puppy, the new iPhone theme Wakeboard Westies features Highland Terrier Pups engaged in high-sailing, high-flying and Wakeboarding, normally reserved for humans! 

The striking images were created through digital manipulation and dogs were harmed in the process. 
“We are obsessed with the weather here in the UK and I think our pictures of the Westies should cheer people up whether they are at a sunny beach or hiding from the rain,” says Steve Bicknell, managing director for Maverick Arts, according to the Daily Mail.

Surf's Up for this West Highland Terrier Pup | Maverick
Wakeboarding anyone? | Maverick
It's more fun with two Westies on a Wakeboard | Maverick
Surf and riding Highland Terriers are featured on the iPhone theme Wakeboard Wesites on Weather Puppy | Maverick
This West Highland Terrier is riding high and proud! | Maverick 
The new theme Wakeboard Westies features High Terriers in Watersports | Marverick
 Watersports is the new sport for this West Highland Terrier | Maverick
This Highland Pup learns to Hang 10! | Maverick

The images you see here are from the theme Wakeboard Westies available as a separate in-app purchase. The app is free and has a set of standard wallpaper of pups preloaded. The app is also partnered with local animal shelters across the country. 

SOURCE: Daily Mail


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