Viral Video Shows DOG Rejecting His Owner's Affection!

Shiba Inu Mariko show's how trained his owner is | YouTube

More than just a pet, the family dog has become an official part of our lives. We take them on walks to parks, dogie day care and even to overnight pet hotels. We couldn't imagine life without our dogs. In this funny video that has literally gone viral with over 2 million hits, watch what happens when this Japanese owner displays his affection for his Shiba Inu and gets a laughable response!

Mariko the Shiba Inu gets ready to reject his owner's affection | YouTube

Mariko, is an adorable Shiba Inu who has a very loyal owner. Her owner shows his affection by simply talking to her while she keeps a straight face. 

He talks to her on the couch, in the living room, at play and even during his sleep. What is Mariko's response to his affection? 

This hilarious video shows this pooch in a straight-faced, plain stance by rejecting her owner's every attempt to gain her affection.  Watch as we see how this Shiba Inu shows how trained she has his owner.

Mariko the Shiba Inu has trained his owner well | YouTube

Does this dog have his owner trained even in his sleep?

VIDEO: See how this dog rejects his owner's affection!


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