VIDEO: Naughty DOG Gives Sunbathers a SHOCK!

DOG gives sunbathers a shock of a surprise! | Youtube

Earlier this week we showed you New Zealand's one and only 3-legged shoplifter: Oscar the DOG! Wrapping up Naughty DOG week is an off-beat video featuring an unusual dog in a very unusual situation. He gives some unsuspecting sun worshipers more than just a tan! Welcome to another edition of Funny Fridays! 

The Naughty Canine who awaits in the bushes
In the following video, we see unsuspecting sunbathers in a public park get a real surprise! A DOG that acts more like a peeping Tom awaits in the bushes, and when the sunbathers are truly relaxed and lying flat on their stomachs out comes the pooch who perches his nose in nobody's business!

VIDEO: DOG gives sunbathers a shock in the park!

VIDEO: More unsuspecting sunbathers get a visit from a naughty pooch!


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