DOGS Give Thanks on Thanksgiving at Boarding Home

Dogs give thanks on Thanksgiving at Boarding House in Loomis, CA

This past Thanksgiving many of us may have celebrated this annual tradition with family, friends and those close to us, but in the town of Loomis, CA a group of individuals celebrated Thanksgiving among their comrades in a boarding home because their families had to leave town. These individuals we're referring to are DOGS!

Thanksgiving feast that will make your mouth water!
A Meal Fit for Humans
Over at Aunt Cynthia’s Bed and Biscuit Inn, a daycare facility for dogs, the 22 K-9 boarding house guests were served a real Thanksgiving feast spread that will make your mouth water! “We have turkey meat with all the bones and fat removed, we have pea mutt butter biscuits on top of apple stuffing, a little homemade cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes and gravy,” owner Cynthia McCoy said. “So they all just the same kind of meal that the humans get, very healthy meal,” reported CBS13 (Sacramento).

To avoid a K-9 calamity, only a few dogs are allowed to start their feast at a time.

“They’re not going to look up,” she said. “When they get their Thanksgiving dinner plate, they’re going to be looking down and chewing up their food in probably 30 seconds or less.”

Aunt Cynthia's Bed and Biscuit Inn is so popular in the town of Loomis that they have already been booked for next year's Thanksgiving holiday.

See the K-9 Thanksgiving feast of 22 dogs:

Source: CBS13


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