Grandpa Bulldog Watches TV!

Bulldog sits back and watches television like a grandpa | YouTube

These are the days of the pampered pooch. With a nation of an ever-growing population of dogs, walking our pooches is simply not enough! We now bring them to high-end pet hotels, dog yoga, dog masseurs, doggie day care and invite our friends, family and their dogs over for our dog's birthdays. While all that is available to lavish our dogs, let us not lose sight of the simpler things that dogs could love! In the following video, watch this adorable Bull dog become engrossed into his favorite television show. 

Bulldog looks back at the snickering owner as he records his every move

As he sits upright with hind legs propped up, one arm resting on the armrest and his back pressed firmly against the sofa. What a striking resemblance to how a grandpa watches TV!

We are literally drawn into his world as we see him gazing into what we could hear in the background as a television. So what could be so enthralling to keep a Bull dog's attention??? Around the corner his owner snickers as he records the moment, but watch the bulldog's reaction!

VIDEO: See the extraordinary Grandpa Bulldog watching an episode of Family Guy


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