Dogs that Perform Yoga 365 Days a Year!

Taz the Terrier stretches his hind leg over shoulders

The art of Yoga is a discipline that involves physical, mental and spiritual disciplines with origins from ancient India dating back from 2,500 BC and earlier. With practitioners worldwide and the reported benefits of relaxation, combating stress and aiding in the circulation of the joints, it's no wonder why there is such a large following. In fact, this following has crossed over into the Pet World. We're talking about dogs!

Tyler the Weimariner does the splits
Featured in a series of calendars created for 2010 by the San Antonio Texas couple Dan and Alejandra Borris, we are brought into the world of dogs performing a wide-range of yoga positions, that were otherwise thought impossible. With a selection of popular dog breeds, we are shown the various Hindu poses that have been envisioned for humans. 

According to the DailyMail UK, Dan Borris was inspired by the idea of having dogs perform yoga when his friend (a yoga practitioner) was performing a headstand while her dog was licking her face. The idea of having the dog doing the same headstand stuck in Dan's head for several years until the creation of this calendar. 
Duke the Golden Retriever strikes a pose

Lily the Pug with hind leg crossed

“Rest assured if they were real images we would have animal rights activists from around the world knocking on our door.” ~ Dan Borris

“The animals were never in distress, said Dan who got Alejandra, a former yoga teacher, to hold and coax the dogs into position - and then Photoshop did the rest.

“The dogs get as close as they can with the yoga moves but some of those positions in the calendar are anatomically impossible”.

Matisse the Bassett Hound flexes

Tini the Chihauhua crosses the hind leg
“The Chihuahua with its leg tied in knots is one of them. Rest assured if they were real images we would have animal rights activists from around the world knocking on our door.

“There is no forcing the animal to do anything. We will get the dog in a general position but each dog that I photograph is well looked after.”

Dan relies on his wife, Alejandra (a former Yoga instructor who now works with animals professional) to work with the dogs to achieve the positions.

“We think about the dog and what pose they could do and would they do if it were possible and what would be interesting and funny.

“Some of the poses are very simple - like the bull dog doing a handstand.” says Dan.

Dan and Alejandra's new 2013 calendar on Yoga Dogs is available in bookstores and online now.

Mela the Labrador balances on two front paws

Bobby the Poodle balances on two legs

Source Content & Photos: DailyMailUk


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