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30 commonly expressed emotions of a dog in the poster  DOGGIE LANGUAGE  | artwork © copyright Lili Chin

Have you ever wondered what your dog might be trying to tell you, but because you don’t speak dog it’s difficult to decipher the code of what he/she might be trying to tell you? A bark alone may not be sufficient enough to reveal the true feelings or state of being of a dog. If you had a cheat sheet that lists all the emotions of what a dog might be trying to tell you, wouldn’t you use it? Well, here it is! Dog Illustrator Lili Chin of Los Angeles did just that! She put together a collection of dog drawings that she herself created in a chart featuring 30 commonly expressed emotions of dogs. The chart was based on her own experiences of dog training and research she did of notable dog trainers.

Boogie, the Boston Terrier | artwork © Lili Chin
The illustration titled DOGGIE LANGUAGE is based on her dog Boogie, a Boston Terrier who was rescued from Boston Buddies, an organization of volunteers who rescue and rehome Boston Terriers and Boston Terrier mixes in Southern California.

We recently reached out to Lily Chin and asked her more about DOGGIE LANGUAGE.

Haus Of Paws: How did your illustration DOGGIE LANGUAGE come about?

Lili Chin: The DOGGIE LANGUAGE illustrations came about after I started learning about dog body language from Turid Rugaas' Calming Signals DVD and book, and also as I was 

learning to read my own dog, Boogie. These are all poses and expressions that Boogie does. They are a mix of stress signals, appeasement/calming signals,  and friendly/social signals.

Haus Of Paws: The DOGGIE LANGUAGE illustration is based on Boogie and it is now available in many languages.  How did all the different languages of the Body language illustration come about?

Lili Chin: Dog trainers from other countries contacted me and offered to do translations in their own languages.

Haus Of Paws: The DOGGIE LANGUAGE illustration was inspired by a theory called Calming Signals, what is Calming Signals?

Lili Chin: Calming Signals is a term that is used by dog trainer Turid Rugaas to describe signals that dogs offer for the purpose of preventing or resolving conflict. There is more detailed information in Turid Rugaas' book and on her website

Lili Chin and her dog Boogie
Ms. Chin does not only draw illustrations of dogs, her goal is also to help dog owners better understand their pet through their body language. More of her artwork can be found on her website at: www.doggiedrawings.net/dogtraining


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