Dogs Booz it UP with Beer!

Mattie the Airdale Terrier enjoys a bowl of Bowser Beer. Photo - Pioneer Press: Richard Marshall

Beer has been one of the oldest beverages consumed and produced by humans. It has also been one of the most common drinks in the middle ages and holds true to today's modern civilization. But how about in the Pet World? 

Mattie runs with an empty bottle of dog beer, photo - Pioneer Press
There is a new movement! A growing trend of brewers has cropped up and have catered to the K-9 market with beer for dogs! Seattle-based Bowser Beer, has created a line of "beer" that is hops and alcohol-free for your pooch's sipping pleasure. Two flavors currently put out by Bowser Beer are "Beefy Brown Ale" and chicken-flavored "Cock-a-Doodle-Brew." The formulation is comprised of meat broth with barley, vitamins and healthy-joint-promoting Glucosamine, which took, Bowser Beer creator, Jenny Brown more than a year to formulate, according to the Pioneer Press. “It's flat, like drinking sweetish broth, she said.

"Beefy Brown Ale" & "Cock-a-Doodle-Brew" photo - Pioneer Press

This works because people love to pal around with their pets.” - Jenny Brown, Creator of Bowser Beer

Launched last year, the K-9 beer was “an instant hit,” said brown This works because people love to pal around with their pets.” Brown also offers custom labeling with a photo of certain types of dogs and comical names of breweries listed on them. Bowser Beer is available online and can be found on her website at

Source Content & Photos - TwinCities Pioneer Press


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