VIDEO: DOGS Sing to End Animal Cancer!

This pooch sings for charity in the PSA “Keep Cancer on a Leash” | YouTube - Purina/Pet Trust

Just like what UK's “Band Aid” and “USA for Africa” did in the 80's did for charity, a cast of singing dogs has recently come together to help in the fight for animal cancer. See how this beautifully crafted music video campaign is winning the hearts of humans and dogs alike in the fight to end animal cancer.

Singing for a cause this Siberian Husky belts it out in “Keep Cancer on a Leash” | YouTube - Purina/Pet Trust

Pulis on the piano in the campaign ad “Keep Cancer on a Leash” “Keep Cancer on a Leash” | YouTube - Purina/Pet Trust

Singing in a recording studio, pooches in various sizes and breeds collaborate including a lead canine, a strong Siberian Husky, followed by 3 Pullis behind a piano and a beautiful white Saluki highlighted with a glittery background and wind blowing through her coat

The lives of 1 in 4 dogs is impacted by Cancer, which is why Purina Canada and Pet Trust, Canada's first charitable fund that is dedicated to the well-being and health of dogs and cats, have teamed up with Red Urban ad agency in Toronto in producing this stunning ad campaign “Keep Cancer on a Leash.”  The campaign's purpose is to raise awareness and money for the treatment of dogs and cats with Cancer at the Ontario Veterinary College Mona Campbell Animal Centre at the University of Guelph, which is one of the leading animal care centers in North America that gives care and treatment for dogs and cats from all over the world.

This beautiful Saluki stars in the video “We Could be Heroes” | YouTube - Purina/Pet Trust

Canines in harmony sing for the fight for cancer | YouTube - Purina/Pet Trust

All proceeds from the download of the song "We Could Be Heroes," as featured in the video will be matched by a Purina Canada made to Pet Trust up to $125,000. If you'd like to find out how you could help you could learn more by visiting Pet Trust Canada.

VIDEO Dogs sing for a cure


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