The Most ADORABLE DOGS Dressed in Thanksgiving Costumes!

Dogs give thanks this Thanksgiving in full holiday costume | via Buzzfeed

There is a lot to be thankful for this year! As we celebrate the holidays, let us give thanks to the joy and companionship that our dogs bring us. What better way to celebrate them than a showcase of the most adorable photos featuring dogs in Thanksgiving costumes. Happy Thanksgiving!

This canine has a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving | Martha Stewart
 This adorable Pilgrim pooch gives thanks in front of the chuck wagon | Collar Planet
Can this Chihuahua be anymore festive? | BuzzFeed
What could be more adorable than an Indian costume this holiday?  | BuzzFeed
Gobble gobble! This pooch harness the power of the turkey! | Collar Planet
This Chihuahua is living the high life in his Pilgrim hat | BuzzFeed
Turkeys are all the rage in the Pet World! | Pet Adviser via
Indian Dog Costume for Thanksgiving | Baxter Boo
It's all in the braids! | BuzzFeed
This pooch is dressed in true classic pilgrim | Collar Planet


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