The CUTEST Halloween COSTUMES for DOGS 2013!

Toto, we're not in Kansas anymore! It's a Bulldog dressed as Dorothy! | photo by Haus Of Paws via Costumes Express

With Halloween just around the corner, it's not too early to think about costumes for your pet. Whether you decide to make or purchase a Halloween costume, take a look at twelve of the cutest Halloween costumes available for dogs this year!

Does your Bulldog remind you of a grumpy French maid? This Halloween he/she can! | Spirithalloween

Little pooch as Wonder Woman! | Costumes Express

The Woolly Mammoth lives! | Wag

It's Pup John Paul III! | Baxterboo

An angry cave dog celebrates the season! | Baxter Boo

Is your pooch ready to visit the Wizard as a Scarecrow? | Baxter Boo 

For that Punk Rocker within your pooch! | Baxter Boo

This pooch pity's the Bull in full Mohawk! | Costumes Express 

Is your dog ready for Carnival this Halloween? | Wag

What dog could do without the adorable Ewok? | Spirit Halloween

Is your dog quite the princess this season? | Costumes Express

VIDEO: Could this be the Cutest Halloween Costume of them All?
PRECIOUS MOMENT!: A dog dresses as two dogs holding a gift box.

SOURCE: Baxter BooCostumes Express | Spirit Halloween | Wag


  1. Yxl Ian said...:

    wow, cute, like the costumes.

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