DRY CLEAN ONLY, PLEASE! Cashmere Sweaters for DOGS!

Pooches living the high life in cashmere | petspyjamas

Cashmere is one of the finest, naturally-produced materials available today. Supplied by Cashmere and other types of goats, it is a woven luxury known to the human world. But what about the Pet World? If pampering your pooch is a necessity, then look no further as we present Cashmere sweaters for DOGS!

This pooch poses in a luxurious cashmere sweater | petspyjamas
Snoods can dress up your dog in any occasion | petspyjamas
Can you dog handle the luxury of cashmere? | petspyjamas

According to the American Pet Products Association (APPA), in 2013, it is estimated that $55.5 billion will be spent on pets in the US, $13 billion of that will be spent on supplies. With dogs becoming more prevalent, so does the need to pamper them. One online UK-based company has done just that with cashmere sweaters for dogs. Starting at $79 (£49) for a scarf-like “snood” and could go on upwards to $160 (£99) for cable-knit sweaters.

Raw cashmere | Cashmere.co

PetsPyjamas.com carry sweaters made of 100% cashmere designed by Ruby Rufuss Isaacs and ethically made in Mongolia, which is considered the 2nd largest producer of raw cashmere in the world, next to India.

Jumpers are all the rage in fall | petspyjamas

With sumptuous turtlenecks in bublegum pink and blue, stylish snoods and classic cableknit sweaters made for dog, one would think that the life of a dog today is the best its ever been. Is it time for you to upgrade your pooche's fall wardrobe?

SOURCE: Petpyjamas.com


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