VIDEO: Witness 2 Dalmatians Compete in a Tricycle Race!

2 Dalmatians prepare for a fierce tricycle competition | YouTube/Guinness World Records

Remember the first time you learned to ride a bicycle? Chances are, you may have required a little help with two training wheels in the back, otherwise known as a tricycle. In the Pet World another class of citizens has risen to compete with humans once again, this time in a suspenseful 20 meter tricycle race involving 2 DOGS!

 This K-9 contestant gears up for the big race | YouTube/Guinness World Records

JAPAN – If you thought Norman the Braird was an incredible testament to canine agility, wait 'til you see the fierce tricycle race between these two full-grown Dalmatians!

In a Guinness World Record of 37.59 seconds set for the Fastest Time for a Dog to Cycle 20 meters on a Tricycle, see the priceless expressions on these pooches!

 Fierce competitors | YouTube/Guinness World Records
With sheer determination, each dog climbs on their cycle with paws positioned over the petals and handle bars. With their hind legs, they propel themselves forward with agility and strength like a truth canine athlete. Which dog do you think will take the gold? The ending may surprise you.

  Can you guess which Dalmatian will win the 20 meter race?  | YouTube/Guinness World Records

VIDEO: 2 Dalmatians race to the finish for a Guinness World Record!


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