VIDEO: Briard Dog Learns to Ride Bicycle!

Norman waits for mom | YouTube

Meet Norman, a Briard (pronounced Bree-ard) with a very unique skill. With encouragement from his mom Karen Cobb, Norman learned how to ride a bicycle at the age of 2-1/2. It took this Briard just 10 weeks to master the bicycle after he was able to push his back legs down and pedal in motion. 

Norman the incredible Briard who rides a bicycle

Karen told the 
Dailymail “At the moment Norman is off on short spurts because it is his newest trick but after just over two months learning to ride I think he has finally grasped the concept...He would have been able to ride his bike much sooner, but the biggest delay has been him outgrowing bikes. We have had to try really hard to get a good bike for Norman that will fit the length of his legs so that he can properly reach the pedals.

The most difficult part of training him to do this was building up the muscles in his back legs...It was the 'hump' or the rotation over the pedals that was causing him to tire out quickly and now he knows to build the momentum because otherwise if the pedals are straight it can be too hard for him to turn them over.” 

Karen assists Norman onto the bicycle
Standing on his back legs, Norman is under five feet tall
Norman rides up on his bicycle outside his home in South Carolina
Karen is so proud of Norman for accomplishing this challenging feat
Norman's claim-to-fame is riding a scooter

VIDEO: See Norman the amazing Braiard ride a bicyle!

Karen Cobb and Norman the amazing bicycle-riding Briard

Not only does he ride a bike but his original claim to fame was riding a scooter when he first appeared on Late Night with David Letterman Show where he first showed off his scooter riding talents. Watch as he rides a scooter down the street with a resemblance to ALF, the adorable alien life form creature from the 1980's hit television series..

VIDEO: Watch Norman Ride a scooter without assistance!

Norman also has a Medical Trust that benefits various Pet Rescue Organizations. Purchases made in Norman's online store will help support Briard Medical Trust  and various Pet Rescue Organizations.

Source: Daily Mail


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