If You Were a DOG - This is How Your Life Would Be!

If you were a dog what would your life be like? | YouTube

If you haven't heard, dogs are the new children! With more and more individuals holding off on commitments, the growing number of people with dogs are becoming more prevalent. With this, many owners are treating their pooches more and more like humans by taking them to doggie day care, checking them into dog hotels and buying them child-size dog beds

If there was a better time to be a dog, it would be now! Imagine, for a moment, if you were a dog. What would your life be like? The following video takes us on an educational and insightful view of a humans' best friend: the DOG!

Dogs can see only blue, violet, yellow and some shades of gray | YouTube

“Dogs see colors, but not the same way humans do… “Dogs can only see blue, violet, yellow and some shades of gray.” – The Bark

Dogs have 10 more teeth than humans | YouTube

FACTS from the Video
  • The average adult dog has 42 teeth compared to humans with 32
  • Dogs require around 30 calories per pound, whereas humans need about 15.
  • A nose print from the nose of dog is equivalent to a thumb print to a human for identification purposes
VIDEO: See what your world would be like if you were a dog!


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