World's Smallest Adorable Yorkie Will Melt Your Heart!

Misa Minnie the tiny Yorkshire Pup takes a nap | facebook

Good things come in small packages! This is no truer than in the Pet World, where diversity is defined by breeds that come in various sizes, coats and traits. How often do you come across a dog that can demonstrate her sheer talent based on her tiny size? Get ready to meet the world's smallest and newest member of the Yorkie community with a talent that will melt your heart!

Misa enjoys a day at the beach | facebook

Meet Misa Minnie, translated as beautiful sand in Japanese, pronounced (me-sah). She is among the smallest Yorkie pups with a knack for tricks. Don't let her small size fool you. This 26 week old Yorkie pup has true dog intelligence. Misa's ability to knock down walls of cups, weave around obstacle courses, shut doors, and even pray paws down is quickly becoming an internet sensation with pageviews totalling over 700,000 and growing on YouTube. Can you think of anything cuter than this?

Misa the Yorkie pup sports a Mohawk | facebook

Misa the Yorkie bundle of joy | facebook
Misa the Yorkie pup riding alongside  a handbag | facebook
Misa the Yorkie pup | facebook

VIDEO: Watch the incredible tiny size Yorkie who will melt you heart

SOURCE: facebook


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