Cute DOG Reacts to Dramatic Scene From Lion King!

Can this adorable dog be touched one dramatic scene from the Lion King? | YouTube

The animal kingdom is a wondrous place. With magnificent creatures of the deserts and plains, it reminds us in the human world that survival is a harsher reality in the animal kingdom. In the film the Lion King, we follow the adventures of Simba, the lion cub who takes us through his treacherous journey into adulthood. Many of us may remember watching the Lion King growing up, that emotional moment of Simba witnessing Mufasa's (Simba's father) dramatic battle. See how one DOG has taken heart to this heart-stopping scene from the Lion King! 

It's the circle of life and journey that brings us there that makes the Lion King one of the most memorable and heart-felt films of all time. Watch as we see this cute dog reacting to one of the most dramatic scenes from the film as it will touch your heart!

VIDEO: Watch this adorable dog react to this dramatic scene from the Lion King!


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