See the Statuesque DOG that Defies the Law of Gravity!

Maddie the Coonhound defies the law of gravity | Theron Humphrey - Instagram

The timeless sculptures of the Venus de Milo, statue of David and the Pieta are all considered some of the greatest works of all time. But recently, the Pet World has brought a new contender: a living DOG statute captured on photos!

Maddie high atop on an ibeam | Theron Humphrey-Instagram
2 1/2 year-old Maddie the Coonhound was rescued, 2 years ago from an animal shelter by owner and photographer Theron Humphrey. One day, Humphrey took to the road and decided to pose Maddie on the top of his truck, discovering her extraordinary ability to hold still for long periods of time. The results were images that defy the law of K-9 gravity.  The statuesque dog struck poses on top of basketball hoops, balancing on railings, scales, human pyramids, feet and standing on top of a ladder. 

In 2011, Humphrey quit his job as a corporate photographer and decided to venture with Maddie on a year-long book project all across America to all 50 states. The project was titled “This Wild Idea” where Humphrey photographed and interviewed one person a day for an entire year. The result was published on his website.

Cover of Theron Humphrey's new book MADDIE ON THINGS

“She's so adaptable. The only constant in our life has been my pickup truck,” says Humphrey. “It's mostly been something new every day. New setting, new house, new people to meet,” according to an interview on Mashable.

Maddie's remarkable statuesque poses has proved to be a huge hit on Instagram where she has captured an audience of over 180,000 followers. Humphrey's new soon to be released book titled Maddie on Things chronicles their cross-country adventures as well as her natural ability to balance and hold still on objects for long periods of time.

Maddie defies gravity on stair railings | Theron Humphrey- Instagram

Maddie atop of a ladder at the local Duane Reade | Theron Humphrey- Instagram

Maddie gets ready to mow the lawn | Theron Humphrey - Instagram

The first canine step | Theron Humphrey - Instagram

The first human=K-9 pyramid | Instagram

Maddie's balancing act | Theron Humphrey - Instagram

Feet to paws | Theron Humphrey - Instagram

A Christmas to remember | Theron Humphrey - Instagram

VIDEO: See Maddie, the amazing statuesque dog!


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