ADORABLE Pug DOG Becomes a Bonafide Food Critic!

Pablo, the Pet World's foremost food critic cringes at this meal | YouTube

Move over Zagat restaurant reviews, there's a new food critic in town and he's a hungry, finicky and picky eater! If you think you're a food snob, think again! The Pet World has got a new reviewer in town and he's not easy please! Can one item on the menu possibly please this DOG's discriminating tastes for canine perfection?

How many stars do you think this Pug will give this item? | YouTube
If you think finding a restaurant was tough enough, this pooch's palette has got your game on! Meet Pablo, he's one of the toughest dogs to please. He loves to eat, but when it comes to food this adorable Pug will cringe, flinch, kick food and turn away from food that doesn't agree with his senses. He is presented with fruit, frozen desserts, beverages and vegetables that he will his judgement on.

Pablo the canine food critic gives his two sense on these greens | YouTube

But don't try this with your own dog, it's known that human foods with sugar is not agreeable for dogs. Watch as Pablo gives his critique on foods  and what he really thinks about human food!

VIDEO: Watch Pablo, the adorable Pug give his canine critique on human food!


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