Largest Pre-Carnival DOG Party Hits Rio with “Blocao”

A Chihuahua dressed as a Peacock takes to the streets for Blocao in Rio De Janeiro | Deccan Chronicle

Rio De Janiero is known for for than its beautiful beaches and bronzed bodies. It's one of the largest events of the year - Carnival!. Earlier this month, over several hundred patrons, half of whom were human and the other half were DOGS took to the streets for the 11th annual Blocao Carnival Street Party, Carnival's pre-event known to be the most pet-friendly event of the 500 "blocos", events known for their rapturously festive and drinking parties.

Brazil's national soccer team jerseys worn by these exuberant dogs during Blocao in Rio de Janeiro. | Deccan Chronicle
Nothing like a natural blond to bring life to a party | Deccan Chronicle
It's the amazing Spider dog making his way through the crowd of Blocao | Deccan Chronicle

The parade led to the streets onto the Copacabana Promenade where dogs with Carnival costumes wore bright, vibrant colors, opulent shapes and accessories accompanied by their owners dressed down to scaled-down versions of their pet to flip flops and beach wear greeted by an unofficial contest for the best pet in costume. There was even a rooster in polka dots spotted in the crowd! 

Dogs big and small made their way to Blocao in Rio
With the tune of the pulsating music of Carnival in the background, many dogs along with their owners enjoyed this year's festivities. "I don't usually like blocos for myself, but she's loving it," said Angelica Nieva, owner of a year-old poodle-Yorkie mix, Belinha, dressed in a flowing white wedding gown and demure veil. "She's having the time of her life," reported the Huffington Post.

Not even a neighboring street party's brawl, that was broken up by a police officer dampened the spirits of the K-9's as they made their way through music of carnival.

A pooch with a mop-top hair piece is one of the patron's of this year's Blocao | Deccan Chronicle

Colorful garments from dresses, capes to hats are worn by dogs at Blocao | Deccan Chronicle

Dogs enjoy of the Rio's most pet-friendly event - Blocao | Deccan Chronicle

This poodle is decked out in shimmer and pink dreads | Deccan Chronicle

A dog gets exhilerated by the energy of Blocao | Deccan Chronicle

Dogs in full costume at Blocao in Rio De Janiero | Deccan Chronicle

A standard poodle flamenco dancer is shown with her proud owner at Blocao | Deccan Chronicle

VIDEO: Watch footage of Rio's Blocao Carnival Street Party!


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