Holiday Video: Monastery Girl Finds Dog In Heaven

Lora and her friend dog in the film short Dog in Heaven

Imagine being sent to a secluded monastery with your only friend, a dog, where K-9's are forbidden, but shortly after you arrive you learn that the head nun has put away your dog permanently. Soon after you mourn your loss, which is also forbidden, you rebel against the institution and turn into a DOG and all havoc breaks loose. This is the story of a young girl named Lora who did just that. 

Scene from Dog in Heaven, Dog awaits while Lora gets admitted with the assistant Nun

Lora mourns the loss of dog by knitting a memory of dog.

Dog in Heaven is the Danish book adaption of Hanne Kvist's children book by the same name. Directed by Jeanette Nørgaard and produced by Frederik Villumsen this 25 minute animation short draws you in the minute it begins rolling. With crisp, block-like animations and muted colors, this truly hits the mark for avant-garde animation at it's finest! You really feel drawn to the main character Lora who enters a monastery for girls when she discovers that conformity is a mismatch for her personality.

When Lora discovers that her friend dog has been done away with. When she mourns she is persecuted for her behavior and soon challenges the system by turning into a dog. It is through this transformation that she revels her K-9 senses and barks within the monastery causing havoc and disruption. Lora soon gets get sided by the assistant nun and is allowed, reluctantly by the the head nun. The story follows a very heart-felt moment when Lora reaches heaven and sees her friend dog. 
Lora transforms into a dog in Dog in Heaven
Lora goes experiences the afterlife in Dog in Heaven
Lora and Dog in Dog in Heaven

The film is 25 minutes and Danish with English subtitles and has garnered the face of international film festivals. It is a regional Danish co-production between Basmati Film in Århus and Nørlum in Viborg. To read more about the film Dog in Heaven you visit their website at

WATCH the Animated Trailer Dog In Heaven 

WATCH the Animated Film Dog In Heaven | 25 min. English Subtitles



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