SHOCKING VIDEO: DOG Gives Cat a True Surprise!

WARNING: The following video contains scenes that are SHOCKINGLY funny. Prepare to strap into your seat! Comically speaking, the featured video still is too racey for the front page, so therefore we've opted to censor it. Welcome to another edition of FUNNY FRIDAYS!

When it comes to consummation Dogs will be Dogs, but what happens when an innocent by-stander walks by and gets caught in the crossfire? This innocent by-stander just so happens to be a cat. Then what happens when you have an eye-witness that to attests to this assault. The results are surprisingly funny. Watch as we see one of the most bizarre cases of eyewitness cats who gets a shocked by what she sees.

A jaw-dropping moment for a cat exposed to the unfathomable!

VIDEO: Watch as a cat gets exposed to a dog in extreme heat!


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