AMAZING VIDEO: DOG Guards Owner's Bicycle with Life!

This loyal Golden Retriever guards his owner's bicycle with his life

Millions of cyclists tread the streets of China everyday as a means of transportation. With so many riders, there also comes the concern of bicycle theft. One individual has taken upon themselves to do something about this, it just so happened to be that this individual happens to be a DOG!

In the town of Nanning, China one very obedient and loyal dog has made it a top priority for protect his owner's bicycle. In the following video, we see a Golden Retriever sitting upright with its paws clutched to a bicycle unmistakably guarding this owner's bicycle. Soon the owner returns for his bicycle after running an errand and see what this dog does next! 

Read more about the recent dog craze in China that's causing a stir!

VIDEO: Dog guards owner's bicycle with its life!


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