Amazing Cape-Crusading DOG Hits the Streets of China!

A red-caped dog is spotted riding a scooter on the streets of China!

Look! It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's a DOG! You won't believe your eyes until you see this mild-manner wonder dog who wears a red cape and sunglasses performing amazing dog-defying feats!

A two year-old Chihuahua named Duoduo from Kunming City, from the Southwestern Yunnan Province of China has recently risen to fame by performing acrobatic skills including jumping through hoops, balancing on a ball, riding a scooter, skateboard, and a bicycle. His owner Duan has taught Duoduo since he was five months old when he was already able to bow with his hands folded in front, shake people's hands and salute.

Duoduo's owner began to training him by having him jump through hoops and standing on a ball.

“He could only stand on the ball for several seconds the first day I put him on one. But on the second day, he could play on the ball, and now he can stand on it for over an hour,” said Duan, 

Riding on the streets on Kunming, China, Duoduo rides a skateboard as part of his repertoire.
Duoduo, the amazing two-year old Chihuahua from Kunming, Cina rides a modified bicycle
Duoduo can balance on a ball for more than one hour.

The bicycle Duoduo rides is specially modified from two children's bikes to suit this amazing Chihuahua's never-ending, talented feats. “I started the training on Sept. 1. People thought it was very difficult for a dog to ride a bike, but Duoduo is so smart that he can ride it now,” said Duan who is thinking of more challenges to add to his dog's ever-growing repertoire. What will this two-year old Chihuahua do next? For one thing, he could do what most dogs don't normally do: walk on his forelegs.

VIDEO: Watch this amazing Chihuahua doing super stunts.


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