DOGS check into the "LOVE MOTEL"

Welcome to the love motel for dogs at the Animalle Mundo Pet of Belo Horizone, Brazil | photo: Animalle Mundo Pet

Inspired by the thousands of love motels where Brazilian couples can rent rooms by the hour for romantic interludes, there is a new kind of love motel that's for dogs! Enter Brazil's newest entry Animalle Mundo Pet, a pet motel where dogs go to consummate. 

Located in the area of Belo Horizonte in Brazil, dog owners can bring their pooches to experience a discreet moment between another dog. At $50 (£32) a day, dogs can stay in a room that is decked out with a heart-shaped mirror on the ceiling, complete with red cushions on the floor in a dimly-lit room. Animalle will facilitate the arrangement between another dog. And if that doesn't go accordingly, some owners are willing to pay an additional fee to have artificial insemination through the arranged services of a veterinarian.

One of the rooms at Animalle Mundo

Started by owner Daniela Guimarães Loures, 28,  and her brother Fabiano, 26, they both invested $1 million to open up Animalle in July of this year. “I was tired of practicing law and saw that the dog market was taking off,” said Daniela according to an interview in the New York Times

The motel was originally a former children's hospital who Loures leased and now offer accomodations for dogs and cats, a pet taxi with pick up and delivery service for animals, and a doggie cafe that sells gourmet delights like beef-flavored muffins. They also have a store that carries perfume for dogs called Chic Animale that sells for $40 which was produced in Porto Alegre, a city in Southern Brazil.

More than just another love shack
In addition to consummation services, the 60 employee staff includes on-site veterinarians and biologists. The facility also features a fitness center and space for dogs to celebrate their birthday.
Pet taxi from Animalle Mundo Pet | photo: Animalle Mundo

The Pet Mobile
Pet taxis for pickup and delivery of pets are available from Animalle Mundo Pet

The pet gym facility at Animalle Mundo

The Pet Gym
One of several offerings featured at the Animalle Mundo Pet in Belo Horizonte, Brazil


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