Dog Makes Chilling Phone Call to Its Owner!

4-year old Maya made the Chilling Phone Call
to her owner | photo: Deseret News
If you've ever seen the horror movie "Scream," you won't forget the chilling moment when the victim finds that the hair-raising phone calls originated from inside the house. Take Bruce Gardner from Orem, Utah who experienced just that!

Shortly after he got into work last Wednesday, he received a chilling phone call that morning that originated from inside his house. According to the Deseret News, Gardner said “I knew nobody was home, so I answered it.“I said, 'Hello,' and all I could hear in the background was all this rustling noise. I wasn't quite sure what it was.” Gardner said that it sounded like an attempt on the other end of the line to speak, but received no answer. He decided to call 911 afterwards. “My mind immediately went to, 'I'm being robbed,'” he said.

When the authorities arrived at his house, they found no signs of a break in or stolen items. The only thing found missing in the house was a cordless phone receiver later found half-buried in the yard.

'I thought, "Maybe I should just do a call to my home phone number out here to see if it is out here,"' he said. “I called it, and I could hear the ring. I started going toward the sound and found it out here in the garden,” as reported by the Daily Mail UK.
Maya, the 4-year old Yellow Lab and his owner Bruce Gardner and pups | photo: Deseret News

After Gardner realized what had happened he called the police and apologized, telling them how his 4-year old Lab had grabbed the phone and hit the redial button while burying it in the backyard. Luckily, the authorities were understanding. “It's pretty comical to say the least,” Orem Police Sgt. Craig Martinez told the paper. “He thinks it's as funny as we do.”

right: Drew Barrymore in the movie "Scream: finding out the assailant phone call originated from
inside the house. | photo: Daily Mail UK
Content and Photo: Daily Mail UK | Deseret News


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