300 Dogs Break Britain's World Record!

Hundreds of British pet owners gather in Britain for world's largest pets in fancy dress | photo: Daily Mail
Could this possibly be the beginning signs of a worldwide economic recovery? This past weekend, Britain just received one of the world's largest economic stimulus to hit the Pet World! 300 “doggy divas” came together to form the world's largest gathering of dogs in ”fancy dress” with a record-setting 650 dogs, beating out Japan's May 14, 2011 gathering of the previous record of 603 dogs.
Organizer Louise Harris makes grand entrance on a crystal carriage via scantily-clad male models. | photo: Daily Mail

The event is titled “Diva Dog Day”, organized by Louise Harris, pet accessory entrepreneur and author of the new book Diva Dogs, who made an entrance via crystal carriage carried by four strapping and scantily-clad male models. According to the Daily Mail UK, Harris was quoted as saying “It has been such a fantastic day. ”I am so glad that so many dedicated dog lovers turned up to take part in this special day - I am so proud of everyone who has been involved. ”It is just a truly amazing experience.“
Some people think what we do is mad and cruel but the dogs actually really enjoy it." - Donna Spires, attendee
Donna Spires, a participant who had 4 Chihuahuas in a pram and two poodles on a lead said “‘The day has been great. It has had everything you could want as a dog lover. “Some people think what we do is mad and cruel but the dogs actually really enjoy it."

A Chihuahua takes a rest during the world's largest gathering of dogs in fancy dress | photo: Daily Mail

Participants arriving to the event garnered with their dogs | photo: Daily Mail
Pets dressed up in Tuxedos to fancy dresses | photo: Daily Mail

The record-setting event featured a dog fashion show on the catwalk displaying the latest K-9 couture. Awards went to Mr. Diva dog, Mrs. Diva dog and Pimpiest pooch. Other events included a dog biscuit making class and healing your dog through the spiritual exercise of Reiki.
Lisa Garner with her purple dyed Llhasa Apso | photo: Daily Mail

British celebrity attendees included footballer Michael Dawson (of the Tottenham Hotspur), singer David Van Day, model Brandy Brewer and actress Rebecca Ferdinand.

Source content and photos: Daily Mail UK


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