See the Extraordinary Pitbull Balancing Act!

Scout a 9-year old Pitbull takes the world by storm via his extraordinary balancing skills | Stuffonscoutshead

Looking to add a few tricks to your dog's repertoire? The Internet today has created a multitude of online pet celebrities that has dazzled our imagination: Boo, Pom Pom and Oscar Maximus just to name a few. To add to that list is an extraordinary Pitbull that with an amazing ability to balance a multitude of household items. Now that's a patient pooch!

The balancing act and image that started it all: toilet paper | Stuffonscoutshead
Scout is sporting eco-firendly material: cardboard boxes | Stuffonscoutshead
This lucky dog has no idea he has a lucky cat on his head | Stuffonscoutshead

Back in 2009, Jen Gillen, of Toronto, Canada adopted a shelter dog named Scout, a Pitbull who can now balance items such as laptops, asparagus, sushi to humongous dog bones on top of his head. “It all started with the suggestion from a friend to put a roll of toilet paper on his head - which was surprisingly easy - so it snowballed from there,” says Gillen according to the Daily Mail. “She says that “Food items are the easiest because he never gets people food, although there are no shortage of his own treats after each picture.”  The hardest photo to capture was a large raw hide bone since Scout knew it was for him.

The hardest image to capture for scout was this large raw hide bone since he would end up chewing it
The latest canine fad: Beet dreadlocks | Stuffonscoutshead
Sushi anyone? | Stuffonscoutshead
Sporting a new hairdo for canines? | Stuffonscoutshead
We'll leave this one up to your imagination | Stuffonscoutshead
Haven't you ever seen V-8 on a Pitbull's head? | Stuffonscoutshead

Many insurance companies in the US classify Pitbulls on blacklists for homeowners carrying insurance, with many companies raising premiums to flat out denying coverage. In Ontario, Canada, England and most of Europe the Pitbull is an illiegal breed due to their history for being bred to fight.

VIDEO: Patience is a virtue - see Scout balance items on his head.


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