BFF? Witness this DOG Pushing a Cat into a Bathtub!

A curious DOG gives his furry friend a real surprise - an unexpected push  | YouTube

Taking a bath has always been a ritual that humans treat as a luxury to unwind and distress.
In the Pet World, 
a bath can mean an unusual pastime that isn't celebrated. Can it sometimes spell a disastrous accident waiting to happen? In this video, a DOG gives his feline friend an unexpected push that she won't forget: into the tub!!

Getting a little close aren't we? | YouTube
In perhaps one of the funniest pet videos ever seen, this curious pooch and his feline friend stands in front of the tub full of curiosity. So what could possibly be so intriguing that they both take turns rushing up to the edge of the tub? 

Both eagerly watch as the water fills up the tub. Could it possibly be the sound of running water that captivates their attention or the possibility that one of them might be getting a bath? Back and forth they go, debating on whether it is safe to go in or better to stay out of the tub, but finally one of them decides to give the other an unexpected push!

Oops - Over the edge she goes! | YouTube

VIDEO: Watch this DOG give his feline companion a K-9 paw push into the tub!


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